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Preparation For A Visit

Consultation in our rooms

A referral is required from either your GP or other Medical Specialist to see Dr Studd or Dr Samedani.  Once we have received your referral into our rooms and it has been reviewed by Dr Studd or Dr Samedani, our friendly reception staff will phone you to schedule an appointment.

Procedures at Hobart Private Hospital, Hobart Specialist Day Hospital and Calvary Lenah Valley Hospital

If you are required to have a procedure performed by Dr Studd or Dr Samedani, our reception staff will arrange this for you either at your consultation visit or via telephone. 


You will receive detailed information regarding your scheduled procedure via email along with a follow-up phone call prior to your scheduled hospital admission to confirm all is in order for you.  Our staff are here to help make your visit as comfortable and stress free for you as they can.


Please contact our rooms should you have any questions in relation to either your upcoming consultation or hospital admission with Dr Studd or Dr Samedani.

For further information, please refer to our FAQs.

Suite 2a, Level 2, 34 Argyle St, Hobart

(directly opposite the Hobart Private Hospital)

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